I’m not a conspiracy nut, but….

A couple of days ago we all learned that Wendy Davis, the Texas senator who filibustered to prevent the passage of a restrictive anti-abortion bill, fudged a fact or two in her personal bio. She was twenty-one when she divorced, not nineteen. Things like that.

Who cares? I don’t.

I care about how she votes in the senate.

When the Koch brothers are able to put up $12.3 million dollars IN ONE YEAR lobbying against environmental groups, opposing efforts to reduce human impact on climate change and fighting the development of alternative energy sources, why would I care about nineteen or twenty-one?

When the fracking industry has the money to buy primetime ad space aimed at convincing us that fracking is environmentally harmless, perfectly safe, and good for long-term job creation (none of which are true), why would Wendy’s nineteen or twenty-one matter?

And, when in 2010, the Supreme Court essentially gave corporations First Amendment rights by saying it is unconstitutional for the government to restrict corporate contributions to political groups, how can anyone care about Wendy’s age at the time of her divorce?

Problem is, Wendy Davis’ personal bio makes for a whole lot easier reading than does an article about environment or law-making or the economy. It’s a whole lot easier to track down the facts of one woman’s life and say, “There! See, she lied. Right there!” than it is to pinpoint the fact fudging and lies that go on every single day in the corporations determined to take control of the political future of this country.

It’s a lot easier to jump on the bandwagon of condemnation when you’re condemning one lone woman, and not an entire powerful political ethic.

So like I said, I’m not a conspiracy theorist but…

Aw, hell. Maybe I am. Because the more I pay attention, the more I picture this guy

Mr. Burnsand this guy

Jr Ewinglocked together in a room, plotting. Gleefully plotting.


3 thoughts on “I’m not a conspiracy nut, but….

  1. Well written! The amount of political power that corporations and Wall Street have in our country is awful. If we could remove corporate lobbying money from the government equation and restore some equality for all, I think things would be very different.

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